Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reason for Jungle Apes delay

Last week I did not deliver to you a Jungle Apes cartoon. This week I also failed to present a strip. Now don't get me wrong, strips were planned and were being created, but I have been experiencing some problems. Last week I was down with a virus, and after the weekend I didn't have the time to work on it because of school. This week I didn't work on Jungle Apes because I was working on making video with some friends. (Our youtube channel is called lukarthus, check us out.) Also when I got home I was in a lot of pain from some stuff and decided to relax. But I make a promise to deliver these cartoons within next week, and then have a normal cartoon on Saturday.
Anyway, I just want to say thanks to all of you people out there who read my strip. If it wasn't for you guys, I probably would have stopped at #20.
Oh yeah, wherever you are reading this, if you saw it on twitter or facebook or just checking out, I would like to know, what would you like to see in later Jungle Apes strips? Thanks, bye.

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